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Gamified Fitness

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Workout routines can be monotonous at times. It can be tough to stay motivated, especially when you’re a beginner. However, gains take time, so the challenge is pressing on long enough to achieve your goals.

In a digital world and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that we’ve started to use our phones to replace gyms. However, while many fitness apps exist to instruct us on how to train, not many inspire us to do so. This is where gamified fitness comes in. And while multiple apps contain a variety of triggers to get us to work out more frequently, non have yet been actually inspired by video games. This is where Barbarian Fit comes in.

What is Gamified Fitness?

Gamified fitness transforms a basic individual workout routine into a fun task by adding game elements

Gamified fitness solves your lack of motivation. Instead, you’ll wake up every day looking forward to breaking your record or completing an in-app task. Also, there’s a reward at the end of every challenge – what a way to seal the deal!

Benefits of Gamified Fitness

Better Motivation

You use your smartphone for everything, so why not exercise? All your instructions and progress are in one easy-to-use app. Have fun while you train, and ensure you stay motivated to keep going. The easier you make to work out, the more likely you’ll actually do it regularly. 

Weekly XP Bar

There’s something addictive about video games that keep you coming back. Gamified fitness taps into that element, thus pushing you to set and achieve your fitness goals. 

Health experts recommend 75minutes of exercise weekly. Barbarian Fit makes it easy to use an in-app Weekly Workout XP bar to set and track your training minutes every week. Working towards smaller goals helps you tackle bigger ones, and before you know it working out is part of your weekly routine.

Track your Progress

One of the discouraging parts of exercising is not seeing immediate results. However, with gamified fitness, you can see your progress data even if your body stays the same. Barbarian Fit tracks your calories lost and other information related to your workouts. Seeing your progress is encouraging, and you’ll find yourself pushing harder when you see how far you’ve come.

Schedule Reminders 

With Barbarian fit, you’ll never miss a workout again. Juggling daily activities with an exercise routine can be stressful. It’s possible to forget because you’re busy with something else. You can schedule your reminders in advance to keep your workouts consistent, and consistency is key to getting results. 

Dynamic Routines 

One thing you’ll never say of the Barbarian Fit app is “boring.” Each workout is dynamically generated based on your settings. So not only do you approach your training with interest, but your body also benefits from the new and challenging exercises. Our app has a library of over 250 exercises inspired by Pilates, Calisthenics, Yoga, and Mace fitness. Switching up your routine builds a better and more muscular body. 

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