creating great exercise habits

Creating Great Exercise Habits

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Nobody becomes ripped overnight, not even genetically gifted beasts like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Getting in shape takes time, regular training and good nutrition. The key to long term success and lasting lifestyle changes lies in creating great exercise habits.

Why is Developing Healthy Exercise Habits Important?

Many people start a fitness routine every year, but in the end many people loose the motivation to keep training. Thousands of years ago, ancient hunter-gatherers had no choice, they had to be fit to hunt. Nowadays, we need to condition ourselves to form a habit that was once mandatory.

Crushing a regular workout is a great way to boost your testosterone and dopamine levels, giving you a positive feeling of accomplishment. A regular fitness routine has great benefits for you today and will pay off in the long run. A great looking body, more strength, better endurance, and better quality of life are just a few of the reasons you should train regularly.

How to Develop Good Exercise Habits?

To develop good workout habits you need to create a positive mindset about your workout and set reminders of when to train. Regularity helps, so setting aside a few minutes each day or every other day at the same time helps create a routine. Here is a series of tips you can implement in order to create positive workout habits. It takes time to form good habits, so don’t be discouraged. You know you have formed a habit when you workout without even thinking about it.

Cut down the steps needed to go to the gym.

Prepare for success by getting your fitness clothes ready the day before you train. Set a reminder so you don’t forget when it’s time to dominate a workout. This will prevent you from getting out of bed in the morning and being discouraged, you’ve already committed.

Workout on Mondays (or Sundays)

It is deeply rooted in our minds that the week begins on Monday (or in some countries Sunday) and each Monday our energy levels either start highest or lowest during the week depending on our personal choice. Start the week with a training session schedule early in the morning before work. This will ensure you to subconsciously perceive the workout as less-costly in terms of willpower.

Find a Fitness Partner

Sharing your training sessions with someone who will hold you responsible is essential to creating a habit. It doesn’t even have to be someone you train with in the same room, you can share workouts and challenge each other to complete workouts at home.

Track Your Progress and Reward Yourself

Create a spreadsheet and log in how many repetitions and sets you’ve completed of each exercise. Try to keep progressing by increasing your rep count each time you train or decreasing the time in which you do them. Barbarian Fit App let’s you track progress and helps you in creating great exercise habits.

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