Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises for Fitness

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Bodyweight exercises have existed since the time of Barbarians. So how did they stay fit without dumbbells, squat racks and treadmills? The answer – bodyweight exercises. In this post we will explore the benefits of bodyweight exercises for fitness.

Bodyweight Exercises Make Your Body Versatile

Through bodyweight workouts, you will achieve strength, mobility and a more balanced physique. Exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sprints, squat jumps, and pike push-ups are compound movements that challenge multiple muscles and enhance your overall strength and mobility. These exercises prepare the human body for every situation. So you can create a physique perfect for any scenario, including fighting sabre-tooth tigers.

Bodyweight Exercises Build Endurance

The stronger you become, the more reps you’ll be able to perform and your endurance benefit. Your cardiovascular endurance goes hand in hand with a higher repetition range you can achieve with bodyweight workouts.

There is also an immeasurable potential for variety among your workouts using a range of different moves. Meaning, you can do slower clean form repetitions or high-paced, higher volume sets, depending on your training goals.   

Bodyweight Exercises Build Strength

If you think that you can only get stronger by lifting heavy weights, you couldn’t be more wrong! Compound bodyweight exercise help you build real functional strength.

Functional strength is built with natural movements that engage many muscles. These movements are the opposite of isolation exercises like biceps curls or triceps extension, which target specific muscles. Functional training engages multiple muscles in your body and puts them to hard work, as thousands of years ago a hunter would engage his entire body to hunt and thrive.

Bodyweight Training Can Be Performed Outside

Bodyweight exercises can be performed wherever you are and any time you want. Aside from the well-known benefits of fresh air, exercising outdoors helps our bodies produce vitamin D from sun exposure, reduces stress levels, and boosts our mood.

Training outside and getting in touch with nature as you build your barbarian body help motivate and encourage you to train more.

No Weights Means Less Risk of Injury And No Equipment

Bodyweight exercises pose less threat to our joints, tendrils and muscle fibres. Hence, exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and squats are a good base and engage a wide variety of muscles safely.

Moreover, as the only thing you need to perform bodyweight exercises is your body, no expensive membership fee or costly investments in tools, machines, or weights is required. Don’t forget that sprinting, jogging and cycling are also bodyweight exercises.

Try Out The Barbarian Fit App For More Bodyweight Exercises

The Barbarian Fit App lets you create unique bodyweight-based workouts to target specific focus areas. Workout your upper body, lower body, core and full body. All our workouts are based on bodyweight exercises which means you can get a great workout from home and all the benefits of bodyweight exercises for fitness and mobility.

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